Join the SIGA Eclub on the website home page. Joining the SIGA automatically enrolls you in the Player of the Year Points Competitions in SIGA Sanctioned points events, (Championship Flight) for Player of the Year, and also includes a USGA GHIN Handicap membership. For a list of member clubs, click on Member Clubs on the Home page, or call (314) 567-MAGA (6242)

The following is a listing of services that the SIGA provides to its members and member clubs.

1. SIGA/USGA Handicap. The SIGA administers the USGA GHIN handicap system assuring compliance with all system requirements.

2. Course Rating. Member courses are rated at no charge in accordance with USGA course rating system, evaluating obstacles and factors which affect the effective playing length of the course. It calculates and publishes course ratings and slope ratings for all SIGA golf courses. Courses are rerated at least once every 10 years or, more often, if there are significant changes in the course.

3. Course Marking/Setup. Provides assistance and advice for marking water hazards, ground under repair, out of bounds, etc., in accordance with USGA procedures and assists clubs with placement of holes and tee markers as requested.

4. Calendar. Provides an up to date online website calendar of all Men’s, Women’s and Junior Golf events in Southern Illinois, in addition to a Poster Size calendar available at member clubs.

5. Junior Golf. Launched the SIGA Junior Golf Tour (JGT) in the summer of 2011, with over 85 juniors. More information can be found on the home page, Junior Golf.

6. Regional and National Golf Organizations. Coordinates with golf associations throughout the country, such as the USGA, the Professional Golfers Association of America, the National Golf Foundation, the Golf Course Superintendent’s Association of America, and the International Association of Golf Administrators. Vice President Sarah Haas is a member of the Women’s Committee.

7. Hall of Fame. Has a Hall of Fame to recognize and honor individuals who have made outstanding contributions to golf in Southern Illinois and is working to research and collect information concerning the history of golf in Southern Illinois of which the souvenir booklet at our 75th anniversary tournament is the first example. Maintains the SIGA Hall of Fame display at Crab Orchard Golf Club that was remodeled in 2009.

8. Amateur Status. Monitors compliance of amateur golfers with USGA rules of amateur status. Assists those wishing to regain amateur by providing information on procedure, the necessary reinstatement forms and final endorsement before filing with the USGA.

9. Seminars. Conducts periodic seminars dealing with rules, handicapping, and course rating.

10. Media. Provides local coverage to all area newspapers and national publications transmitting tournament results.

11. Player of the Year. Maintains a player of the year point system for both men and women to determine the Men’s Player of the Year and the Women’s Player of the Year.

12. Tony Stevens Cup Matches. Conducts competition among member clubs competing as six-man teams. The matches are rotated among 18-hole member clubs. Champions are recognized both overall and 9-hole club divisions.

13. The Bill Koeneman Memorial Players Cup. Named after one of the most flamboyant local golfers that Southern Illinis has ever had play the game. The format was changed in 2012 to a one day 27 hole tournament with repairing after 18 holes. The tournament is hosted by Bill’s wife Jo each year and has a limited field of 48 golfers to see who is the best of the best.

14. SIGA Championship. Longest running amateur tournament in Illinois. It has a tremendous history and is very difficult to win. Senior and Junior Championships are also included.

15. Tournament Assistance. Supplies tournament directors of member clubs with current handicap lists along with SIGA preflighted tournament scores from prior years.

16. Distinguished Service Award. Recognizes individuals who have contributed their time and effort for the betterment of golf with the Association’s Distinguished Service Award.