Junior Golf

Two ways to join the SIGA Junior Golf Tour for 2021, complete the SIGA Junior Golf Tour Entry Form and mail it to the MAGA office along with $10.00 OR click on the REGISTRATION button above and register online! Upon receiving your application we will contact you by email with more information about your JGT and SIGA membership.

The 2021 membership enrollment format should streamline the process by registering directly with the SIGA. This will provide each member the opportunity to have a GHIN Handicap Index provided by the SIGA and MAGA. Each member will be able to post scores through the SIGA website or on the GHIN Mobile App. To download the smart phone APP, go to the SIGA website home page. If you have received your JGT/SIGA membership through your local club in the past, you can continue to do it that way, however we will still need the membership application so we have your current individual information.

Sponsors are needed to help support the JGT program. If you have a business or know of someone who would like to support the JGT by advertising on our website please give us a call. We are a 501 C 4 corporation; sponsorship and donations may be tax deductible.

2021 JGT Calendar – Points Events for 2021 (Subject to Change)
(Prep Tour Events are NOT JGT Point Events)