Distinguished Service

Distinguished Service Award

The Southern Illinois Golf Association’s SIGA Advisory Committee has established the SIGA Distinguished Service Award for the purpose of recognizing individuals whose actions have fostered the SIGA’s objectives as stated in its mission:

“To foster, promote and advance the interest and true spirit of the Game of Golf.”

The selection criteria includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Exhibited superior or innovative administrative abilities.
  • Displayed superior or innovative administrative knowledge.
  • Excelled in and/or promoted information exchange or dialogue between golf associations and/or golf clubs.

Nominations are to be made to or by the SIGA Advisory Committee who will consider the qualifications of the individual or group for receipt of the award.  Recipients must be confirmed by a simple majority favorable vote of the SIGA Advisory Committee.

Announcement and presentation of the SIGA Distinguished Service Award will be made at a time set forth by the SIGA Advisory Committee.

Distinguished Service Members

  • Jim Ashby – 2004
  • Ralph Chapman – 1996
  • Judy Ehrhart – 2008
  • Roy J. Glenn – 1994
  • Sarah Haas – 2000
  • G. Phil Heckel – 1994
  • Steve Heckel – 2003
  • Don Johnson – 1995
  • James Kirk – 1998
  • Bob McBride – 2006
  • Clifford Mills – 1997
  • Robert Williams – 1997